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Xetex Xebra, Business Management Software for Print Industry, Forms Distributors, Promotional Products, Print Brokers
Xebra 2004 - Your Ultimate Software Solution! Xetex Xebra - The Ultimate Software for the Printing & Promotional Products Industry!

Xetex Xebra is the Ultimate Software for Promotional Products Distributors, Print Brokers, and Forms Distributors. We designed our fully integrated 32-bit Windows system to specifically meet the needs of these industries. With the Xebra System, you only enter information once, which results in increased security, accuracy, and efficiency.
Xebra is Your One
Complete Software Solution!
Order Entry, Accounting, Management Reports, Inventory, E-Commerce, Production, Prospecting, and more!
Xebra Does It All!

Xebra for Promotional Products Distributors Xebra for Promotional Products Distributors:
Xebra is the best Business Management Software System for selling Ad Specialties!
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Xebra For Print Brokers Xebra for Print Brokers:
Xebra is perfect for those complex print jobs with various components.
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Xebra for Forms Distributors Xebra for Forms Distributors:
Xetex has been a leader in software development for the print industry for over 15 years.
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Xebra 2004 Xebra software:
Our greatest software release yet! Check out the latest features available now in Xebra software!
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Xebra E-Commerce E-Commerce:
Real-Time customer run reporting, selling office supplies, imprint templates, Xebra's E-Commerce does it all!
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Xebra Production Module Production:
Our latest addition to Xebra, the Production Module is designed forin-house printing and copy center operations, as well as complex commercial printing jobs.
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Xebra Prospecting Module Prospecting:
Manage contacts, send bulk emails, create mail merges, all with Xebra's Prospecting Module.
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Xebra Client Server Technology Client Server Technology:
Lightning Fast processing, with all the security you need! Our Client Server technology allows for remote Internet Access, and more!
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Xebra Inventory Features Customer Specific Inventory:
Whether you store customer owned inventory, handle pick-and pack operations, or store items in multiple warehouses, Xebra meets all your inventory needs!
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