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Xebra E-Commerce



Xebra E-Commerce is fully integrated with the base Xetex Xebra system. This means ease of setup and no re-entry of data when orders come in. It also means real time order notification, reporting, and update of data. This all translates into greater efficiency and more time to dedicate to what drives your success - sales.




Distributors are using Xebra E-Commerce for a host of solutions such as inventory management programs, branded company stores, third-party retail stores, scholastic spirit stores, web-to-print, and office supplies. With this flexibility, Xebra E-Commerce is equipped to tackle almost any need. And, if you or your client has unique needs, our developers are available to work with you towards a custom solution.


Cost Effective


One of the greatest advantages to Xebra E-Commerce is cost. With singular pricing that includes almost unlimited stores, users and transactions, the more you use it the greater return on investment you get. Remove tasks such as order entry from your staff and your ROI increases even more. Once you begin to use Xebra E-Commerce, there's essentially no place to go but up!


Added Value Services


Provide your customers with an attractive, easy-to-use webstore with order entry, inventory, product data, reporting and more at their finger tips. It's one more service you can provide for your customers that will set you apart from your competition. Whether it's a business or an individual, today's customers are looking for more for their money. They want convenience, added benefits, and superior support. Xebra E-Commerce is one way to go above and beyond.




With Xebra E-Commerce, you will get the same experienced support you've come to expect with the Xetex Xebra base system. From training and setup assistance to friendly support staff to answer any and all questions, you will have all the help you need to successfully build and manage your e-commerce program.


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