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for Print Distributors and Brokers

Xetex Business Systems, Inc. has been working with and providing solutions for the print industry since 1987. Proud members of the PSDA, we value our relationship with print distributors and brokers, advancing our technology solutions to meet the challenges they face in an ever-changing industry.


Today's distributors and brokers work to merge valued print services with current technology and provide their customers with unique support ensuring success while balancing expenses against shrinking margins.


Xetex Xebra provides the tools end-users have come to expect such as e-commerce, web-to-print, and inventory management. In addition, Xetex Xebra brings greater organization and efficency to your internal operations, increasing productivity and decreasing operational expenses.


Together, we'll work to streamline your internal operations, improve services provided to your clients, and explore new opportunities for success!

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