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Xetex Xebra

What does it mean to be “smart technology”?


It means building on a solid foundation. It means focusing on a specific industry and addressing the demands of that industry. It means listening to the needs of users and responding to those needs with continued development. It means looking towards the future, anticipating the challenges that will come and being proactive to avoid those challenges becoming problems.


To be “smart technology” is to take into account the industry, its vendors, its distributors, and even its end users and then provide a multi-faceted tool to efficiently address all of their needs in unison.


Xetex Xebra is all of this and more. It is evolving technology, addressing the growing needs of a growing industry; responding with the tools necessary to be a successful distributor.


What does it mean to be a “smart distributor”?


You work smarter, not harder. You put systems in place to allow you and your team to optimize organization and efficiency. You select software that supports those systems. You expect that software to grow as you grow and your software partner to be as concerned with your success as you are.


Being a smart distributor means you recognize the need for software that has been developed specifically for your industry, one that advances with changes in the industry, and one with a support staff that is there for you when you need it, listens to your unique needs and even anticipates them, and exceeds your expectations.


Smart distributors choose smart technology. Smart distributors choose Xetex Xebra.



Performance Dashboard

Vendor Integration featuring top industry suppliers

Simple Apparel Ordering Grid

Office Supplies Catalog

Product Sourcing

Quote Requests

Customer Quoting

Easy Order Entry

Electronic Purchase Orders

Organized Job Management

Integrated, Easy-to-use Accounting

Robust Reporting including custom data export and Excel conversion

Inventory Controls

E-Commerce Tools including company stores, retail sites, and more!

Web-to-print featuring online proofing and approval hierarchy


Experienced Support

Initial Training and Continuing Education

Cloud Data Hosting and Real-time Access

Secure Automatic Data backups and Storage

Ongoing Development and Regular Updates

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